The Mario Merz Prize is initiating a new process that will draw attention to new, significant figures in the fields of the visual arts and contemporary music composition.

It involves institutions as well as art and music experts who will select the most suitable candidates.

Promoted by the Fondazione Merz, in collaboration with a technical committee, the Prize is supported by an International Honors Committee. The project creates a new network of exhibition programs and music activities in the cities of Turin and Zurich. The choice to pair the two cities derives from their distinctive roles, as both are vibrant centers of cultural productions within their national borders. Moreover, Zurich represents the origins of Mario Merz, while Turin is his adopted city and creative hub.

With the firm belief that art can represent freedom of thought without boundaries and promotes self-determination and the free circulation of culture and ideas, the Prize will be dedicated to those who harbor the right will to pursue their research beyond the hardship determined by political, social or geographical conditions.

Given that the recent art processes focused greatly on historical, social, and political changes, while also considering the tragedies yet afflicting mankind, the Prize intends to base the selection criteria for its short list on the qualities of internationality, generosity of thought, social awareness, as well as innovative research traceable in the works and individual paths of the artists and composers selected.

To underline this idea of openness, the 10 finalists of the Mario Merz Prize will present their works in a group exhibition and a concert to involve spectators in the final voting phase.
Among these finalists, the Jury will select the winners, who will be commissioned new scores and projects.

The Prize will be awarded every two years.