Mario Merz Prize

Edition 5

Mario Merz Prize 5th edition



18 JULY – 4 FEBRUARY 2024

From 18 July until 4 February 2023, the call for entries is open for the Prize, which takes place every two years and was created with the intention of finding personalities in the field of art and music through the expertise of a large international network of experts.

For the art section, artists nominated by curators, museum directors, critics, gallery owners or personalities from the world of culture, and for the music section, composers nominated by musical institutions, performers, critics and personalities from the world of music, may participate. Composers and artists may not nominate themselves. Both categories have no age, geographical or media limits. 


The Art Prize is dedicated to artists who have already gained recognition for the quality of their work in their country of origin and who have already launched an international career. The five artists chosen by the pre-selection jury will be invited to exhibit a selection of their works in a group show, following which a winner will be chosen.


The Music Prize is dedicated to contemporary composition. The members of the jury are international experts with experience as both composers and performers, thus ensuring a broad perspective in the evaluation of the new works. The compositions of the three finalists chosen by the pre-selection jury will be performed and from these the winner will be chosen.

The juries will be announced when the call for entries closes.